Part 5: Final draft

1.How you modified it since first draft based on feedback (include links to previous blogposts about the game)?

When we discussed the work of the other group, it highlighted several aspects of my game that I had not considered, such as the addition of images or figures that draw the viewer’s attention. That was essentially the only change I made in the second draft to produce the final version. At the end, I also included a few scenarios that weren’t mentioned in the other group’s comments, but I felt like they were needed because they would add more context to the story.

Phase 1 

Phase 2 & 3 of the game

Final draft of the game 

2.What you would have done differently if you had more time?

If I had more time I would find more research and statistics to help the player actually understand how risky this topic is and that it sometimes might lead to destroying someone’s own life. I think I would also try to use the apps that are made for games because I think they would’ve took the game to another level.

3.What you learned while making this game?

I learned more about the topic and I also learned new skills while using google slides in a way I have never used it before. I learned the importance of listening to your body and what happens when you overwork your body, the consequence is much bigger than I imagined.