PART 2 :

“authoethnography” research 

Being an athlete my whole life, and an active participant of international and national federation of rhythmic gymnastic. I’ve witnessed a lot of ups and downs especially in the phase from high school to university. Becoming a university student and choosing which university was one of the hardest things I could ever do. Because there were a lot of factors that were pressuring my decision at the time, like my parents and my sports. This massively affected my decision and also caused my mental health to deteriorate. My parents were pressuring me to chose a good ranking university and therefore secure and guarantee a successful future. Adding to this my friends were also pressuring me in some way as they always assumed that I wasn’t giving them my full attention. because I sometimes have to choose on how we prioritize between either university, training, or our social life. It’s always very challenging to balance between all three one is always sacrificed, leading to anxiety and stress. We chose to talk about this topic because we want to raise awareness about how athletes face very challenging phases in their lives where they have to prioritize some things in life. Also, because of that their mental health gets affected along the way. (this is based on Hana’s experience as an athlete) (and lily’s perspective on how mental health is always affected)


PART 3 :

  • We will still add more situations to show how he loved his girlfriend and then make them go through the breakup, so we can let the player relate more to the game and situations.
  • Sacrifice social life and a good university to make it to the national team could be our backstory.