Part 5: Final draft

Link to both versions of my game “sleepless nights”

Inklewriter version

Google slides version

1- How you modified it since first draft based on feedback?

During the feedback I received from my peers of my firs draft of the game, I had only made the game playable using inklewriter. One of the most common comments I got were that my game didn’t include any visuals and some of my scenarios had loose ends. After taking these comments into consideration, I found that inklewriter had been one of the reasons I wasn’t able to include the visuals I had wanted to include. Although it was really interesting learning how to use the program, I felt like it was limiting my creativity a bit. This led me to choose to do two versions, one without visuals on inklewriter, and another on google slides where I could push my creativity and include as many visuals as I wanted. As for the comment about the loose ends, I made sure to connect all the scenarios together so that there were no loose ends and only two possible endings to the game.

Game phase 1

Game phase 2 & 3

2- What you would have done differently if you had more time?

Although I mainly based the game on the experience of one of my family members with insomnia, I also did a lot of research about all the possible symptoms that someone with insomnia could face as well as all types of treatments for it so that I can make it relatable to anyone going through the same thing. I also reached out to a therapist about the topic and asked for more information about the topic, however, I was hoping to be able to talk to a somnologist (who is a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders) for some more in depth research. I tried to look for ones who were available but I couldn’t find anyone willing to talk, so. if I had more time I would’ve wanted to find one and tried to gather information from them as well. I also would have wanted to make the game a lot longer, I could have continued speaking about the person’s journey with the sleeping pills more as well as talk more in depth about the alternative therapies that are available.

3- What you learned while making this game?

I learned how one choice can lead you to so many different pathways in life, and that sometimes making one wrong choice can affect your entire future. I also learned that it is very difficult to create a game that is accurate enough to include all possible experiences any player could have in order to make it relatable, while still making it personal. I also learned how to use a new program (Inklewriter) which was extremely fun and interesting, as well as learned how to use google slides in way I have not thought of before this assignment.

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