Throughout the semester, we have used a variety of tools, including Soliya, Google forms/ docs, and I initially found it quite perplexing, but I began to appreciate it as time passed. Also, the variety of tools helped us learn more about digital literacy, leading us to learn digital skills. 



It is a powerful tool for learning and enhancing your language and communicating with different people around the world. It was excellent from my point of view as it made me discover things about myself and made me learn something from other countries. I could connect with others through Soliya and people whom I had never thought of meeting. I feel like the program is very crucial, and people should engage in it if possible since it tells you a lot about who you are in terms of communication style, acceptance, and more. A skill I learned from Soliya is to keep a debate going and also be respectful. However, I didn’t particularly appreciate that the session was too long, and I had other assignments and exams at that time that made me lose a big part of having the entire experience. 


The chairs in class: 

The chairs are very comfortable, making discussions and communicating very easily with others. You can move very quickly along the classroom, and I love how you can easily slide from one place to another without lifting the chairs and making noise and distractions in the middle of the class. Because we always make discussions in class, I find it very helpful that you don’t have to stand and go from one place to another. I think if all my upcoming classes will be in a class like this it will take the level of understanding and the process of learning to a different level. 


Google Form: 

Google form is not new to me, but the fact that I had to make a game on it. I thought it was going to be hard as I did the steps of the video; I needed help connecting the sections with each other. However, when I started doing it and following the steps in the video, I was able to do it. I was done after waiting and lots of effort. After I was done with the game, I made some of my friends try it. They were impressed by how I made a game on Google form that made me think that it could help me a lot while doing projects or doing a survey for any course that requires a survey. The fact that I wanted to learn how to use Google Forms, but I did not have the time or chance to learn it, so I was so happy to be able to understand it. Overall, I always enjoy using/ learning google Forms; discovering more features like that makes me want to improve my presentations. I will definitely use it in the future and in my other courses as now I can use it at a more advanced level as I only used it in just making an average survey of yes or no to conduct percentages. 


Google docs: 

At the first of the semester, I did not use it as I used to write straight on the blog post. But after trying to post one of my assignments, it got deleted, and I had to start the assignment from scratch again. From that point, I learned to always write my work on Google Docs before writing the blog post immediately, so I don’t have to do the work twice. It is also beneficial if you are working with a group, you can share the link once, then everyone can edit, and I can still see the edits without having to send many links or emails for the new change. Other tools as words; you have to save every word and send it every time you make changes, but google doc automatically saves things for you. The only negative thing about Google Docs is that you can’t go back to the old savings. 

I won’t say I enjoyed Hypothesis that much as I’m not a fan of reading; however, I like the articles and the material itself, so I wasn’t too bothered. As it also enhanced my reading skills and annotations skills. It was my first time doing annotations in this course, so it enhanced my understanding of the text more as it only made me express my thoughts about why the author may say that. Hypothesis taught me how to be adaptable and to pick up new skills. I would use it in the future, not just for academic reasons but also just because it extended my understanding. What made me convinced that I will use it is that, while I was doing the Hypothesis assignment in front of my friends, she told me that many of her major courses require her to annotate articles, which made me realize how important it is. Another thing I liked is that it allowed me to read other people’s notes and gain new knowledge in the process. I learned by seeing how others thought and taking note of details that may have escaped my attention. It’s also a perfect tool for sharing your thoughts and wisdom.