Part 2:

A common sleep disorder known as insomnia can make it difficult to fall asleep, remain asleep, or it may lead you to wake up too early and have trouble falling back to sleep. When you wake up, you could still feel worn out and exhausted. Your health, productivity at work, and quality of life can all be negatively impacted by insomnia in addition to your energy level and mood. Many individuals eventually go through short-term (acute) insomnia, which can continue for days or weeks. Typically, stress or a traumatic experience is the source. However, some individuals experience persistent long-term insomnia that lasts for a month or more. Although some people do not think insomnia is that big of a problem, it really is. Insomnia can increase irritability, depression or anxiety, difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering, as well as increased errors or accidents. In extreme cases,  insomnia can cause long-term diseases or conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. I chose to talk about this topic since I have a family member who suffers through insomnia, so I have seen it’s effects on a person firsthand. Another reason why I wanted to explore this topic was due to the fact that insomnia is a very common disorder which means many people may have it without being aware of it. My main objective by using insomnia as my topic of choice for the game is to raise awareness about the symptoms and forms that it may come in so that anyone who may have insomnia without being aware of it can have a sufficient amount of information to know if they have insomnia, and I will include in the game some of the methods that can help prevent it. I also wanted to show how much insomnia can negatively affect a person’s day to day life and performance.


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Part 3:

POV: you’ve been really stressed because of your uni assignments and your sleep has been irregular lately

scenario one: 

You’re feeling exhausted, but you have a project submission due the next day that is worth 20% of your grade. 

Choice 1: submit what you have prepared till now and catch up on your sleep.

Consequence: project was incomplete so you got a bad grade, and you still could’t sleep through the night.

Choice 2: pull an all nighter and finish your project.

Consequence: you finished your project but you where tired while working on it so it wasn’t great, and now you are even more exhausted than you were before.

Choice 3: ask professor for extension.

Consequence: he gave you an extra day but now he doubts how serious you are about the course.

scenario 2: 

your friends call young try to make plans to hangout since they haven’t seen you since the beginning of the semester, but your feeling exhausted and this might be your only opportunity to get some sleep.

Choice 1: tell them you can’t and try to catch up on your sleep.

Consequence: they are upset because they think you just don’t want to see them, and you couldn’t sleep well because you felt guilty that you didn’t go.

Choice 2: you go so you can catch up with your friends and decide to try to get rest later.

Consequence: your social battery was very low because of how tired you felt so you didn’t fully enjoy yourself, and you weren’t able to get rest when u got back, but at least your friends are happy they got to see you.

Scenario 3:

Your sleep is getting worse by the day, and even when you do manage to make time for sleep, it’s really difficult to fall asleep and you keep waking up in the middle of the night which makes you very irritated, your parents notice that something is wrong and try to ask what’s wrong but you snap at them. You don’t know why you did that and feel bad about getting angry.

Choice 1: tell your mother about your problem with stress and sleep and apologize for getting angry.

Consequence of telling mother: she is supportive and understand what you are going through and suggest you see a doctor or a therapist.

Choice 2: tell your father about your problem with stress and sleep and apologize for getting angry.

Consequence of telling father: he doesn’t think its that big of a deal and tells you to manage your time better.

Choice 3: keep it to yourself because you don’t want to worry them especially since you don’t know what is causing your stress and lack of sleep, apologize to them and go back to working on your assignments. 

Consequence: your parents are now concerned about you, which puts you under pressure, this increased your stress.