1. Why did you choose that particular video, and what did you think of the topic before playing the video?
“What I hear When You Say Race Card “
I chose this video in particular, as the name of it gripped my attention. “What I hear When You Say Race Card ” I was curious to know what is the race card. When I read the word race card, I thought it was something good, as a card usually means that you have an advantage in something. For instance, you have access to a privet lounge beacuse you have a VIP card. So I thought race cards would be similar in having more advantages or access better than others due to race.
2. What did you learn from watching the video that was new to you, and what confirmed what you already knew?
I found out that race card is a microaggression. Like if you say a word or something that might offend other groups of people (race), this act will be considered as pulling a race card. If someone says, don’t pull a race card, it is a microaggression. Not only do minorities experience microaggression, but a majority also experience microaggression. I already knew that racism was honest; it is part of inner thoughts and beliefs.
3. How did you feel after watching the video?
I felt empathy for people who experience discrimination or racism daily as if it were normal. I once experienced it while traveling, and I was not too fond of that country after the trip because of its people. So after that, I always put myself in the shoes of the person experiencing discrimination to try and understand more of what they have to deal with.
4. What will you do differently going forward based on what you learned from the video?
I will always try not to hurt anyone with my word and be careful not to pull a race card.