1. Which tests did you choose and why (link to them)

I chose the one related to age and skin color, I personally think that when I meet someone for the first time these are the first questions or impression I have. That’s why I might be biased to certain group.

2. What is the result you were expecting? What is the result you got?

I was not expecting the result I got for the age test but expected the result of the skin color one.
Well, I didn’t expect the result I got as it says that I always associate bad words with older people which is so not me.

3. How do you feel about the result you got? What did you learn?

I feel that these results showed a part of me the is biased toward skin color which is something I wasn’t aware of . I learned that sometimes you might biased to something unconsciously also based on the conversation we had in class.

4. How credible do you think the IAT is and why?

I think that it isn’t always accurate because it might not be the real answers we really think about.