Hana Shiha 


American University In Cairo


Soliya Reflection  


Soliya is an online education program that combines many students around the world to communicate with each other. It is mainly for young adults, so everyone is more or less the same age. I really enjoyed the 8 hours of Soliya discussions. 

It is divided into two hours every week which gives participants the opportunity to participate and ask questions everytime. 

The amount of members from different backgrounds, religions, cultures and countries shows many perspectives about many different topics. It is a different experience, It is a way to establish a deeper understanding of students from different backgrounds and countries.

It was a new challenging way of communicating in a group other than what I am familiar with. 

But also having some common interests and hobbies with my peers, was a good feeling. It  gave me confidence while talking about myself. 

Also the fact  that most of us had their cameras on when they could, gave all of us more confidence expressing ourselves.

What was also interesting is that everyone was sharing openly their experiences based on the questions asked by the instructor. 

The fact that I am a very quiet person in the real world, I discovered that I am actually a very good listener, that I am open to different points of views, that I am never easily offended, and that I am actually very understanding when trying to understand why the person has this particular perspective.I also noticed that I enjoy learning about new people’s hidden sides and that I allow them to do the same. I also found that I had an enthusiastic communication style since I was always ready to contribute and give my knowledge and thoughts on the topics we discussed.

As an egyptian many of my peers where curious to know more about egypt, they thought that we live in the pyramids. But I tried as much as possible to explain more how we live and they were surprised. 

Overall i really enjoyed and recommend to others soliya’s online conferences  as it allows you to debate multiple interesting topics. I gained more knowledge and confidence throughout the sessions. Honestly speaking,  the very first hour I was shy and didn’t want to participate, but the group was funny and helpful to the point that made me want to share my point of view.