When the doctor explained to us what we were going to do during the semester, I was excited about everything, but the thing I was most excited about was Solia. Despite the lack of time that existed for this semester, I was waiting for Solya’s day, because for me it was something interesting to get to know other cultures and talk to them. Each session had a specific topic, but when it was finished, the host would let us open a topic of our own to discuss, and this was the best part for me. This is what makes Solia different is the communication with different nationalities and religions. I previously lived outside the country and interacted with people of different nationalities and made friends as well, but Solia was the first time for me to talk to strangers and exchange discussions via the Internet. In Solia, I discussed many interesting and controversial topics, such as alcohol in the Western world and in Europe, and also the nature of clothing in Arab and foreign countries. We also discussed some topics that you were not aware of, and they are important, such as how you have your own definition of success, and how you define success from your point of view, because its definition differs from one person to another.

Among the topics that I proposed, and we discussed is the death penalty in countries and how it is implemented in each of our countries. The dialogue was full of information that I did not know about execution in different countries. Some opposed the idea of ​​execution, others did not, and of course we respected each other’s opinions, and this was one of the best things in Solia. Respecting the opinion of the other I benefited a lot from the discussions because I saw how people from different cultures think. By nature, I am a social person and I love discussions a lot, and this is the reason why I loved this experience despite the lack of time. One of the things that made me impressed is that I found things in common between me and many people in the group, even though we are from different cultures and different continents, and this helped me more not to be afraid of expressing my opinion and speaking. Another thing that I have to mention is that the facilitators were very nice and always welcomed us and our ideas and always tried to make the discussion go smoothly. One of the important things that must be mentioned in favor of Solya is that they always help us. For example, I had a technical problem with my camera. Thanks to them, they solved this problem so that I could communicate better with the group. For me, Solia is one of the most enjoyable things that I have experienced in this semester. If I have the opportunity to register again, I will register.