In the four weeks of the soliya session, I had a very new experience. It was my first time meeting many people from many different places around the world at once. I had met other people from different cultures before, but in soliya, it was different. For example, when I meet someone from a different region of the world, it could be like an online friend or a gaming friend. In soliya, it was different because I got to discuss very contrivutual topics with many other people with many different ideas and ways of thinking. I was lucky to be matched with a fun group and a fun instructor, which improved my experience. Through the sessions, I learned about many different topics, like dialogue and how it differs from a debate, and my role in the dialogue. Identity and how everyone is unique and different from each other. Communication in the digital world and how it differs from face-to-face communication. At the beginning of the sessions, it was somewhat awkward cause it was overwhelming to meet many strangers simultaneously. However, our instructor always helped us melt the ice and spread positive energy in the meeting. In the zoom meeting, we discussed different topics like euthanasia, which is the practice of ending a patient’s life to limit the patient’s suffering. Abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy; Gun violence is violence committed with a firearm, and gun control is the set of laws or policies regulating the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, and modification. I loved meeting everyone in soliya, and I’m still in touch with some of them through social media. I enjoyed my soliya experience and would love to experience it again. The only thing that annoyed me in soliya is that we never got the chance to end each meeting, probably because the tech support permanently closed the zoom meeting while we were still having a conversation. Something I would love the tech support to do for the upcoming semester is to ask the meeting coordinator whether the discussion ended or not and whether it is okay to end the meeting now or give the students more time.