At first, I was very Delighted to meet new people from different countries. This is one of the things that enhance my personality and makes me happy to socialize with people and learn more about their country, background, etc. And my only concern is that the class is 2 hours and I felt that would be too long, in fact, I was not bothered by the time after that. Added to that, it satisfies me so much, as in the first session, I got to know people, and I was filled with joy when I actually learned new things. For example, I found that not all French people hold on to their nationality as everyone thinks. Some of them are okay with giving their nationality as they don’t see they fit in with the country’s traditions. Soliya is an educational atmosphere created through the online cross-cultural Education program for young adults like myself to better engage with peers worldwide. Compared to other online communication channels, Connect Express is one of the finest. You get to debate and discuss your point without being defeated by anyone. One of the things I loved was the excellent attitude and great atmosphere. Also, in Soliya, you and your group have the freedom to discuss whatever you want and the freedom of time, as the session takes about 2 hours. One of the things I really love is that you don’t have to be rushed or pressured to answer. As a matter of fact, you can say anything freely, whether it is your opinion or beliefs. That makes it diverse, as participants’ nationalities and cultural backgrounds generate a wide range of viewpoints on a pressing issue. In addition, a person who finds it difficult to speak up or share their ideas will find it facile to share and participate. As for me, I am not the kind of person that loves participating a lot; however, when the topic was interesting, and I found that everyone was amiable, it did not take any effort for me to express my thoughts. This is why it is very different from other Connect Express. Another thing I learn is how different cultures express reactions. For me, it was virtually talking, yet the people made it very interactive by opening the camera when they could and some of my colleagues was naturally funny that made the 2 hours session really enjoyable and valuable. It was also fun to share some cultural background about yourself. So as an Egyptian, a lot was curious to know more about Egypt as there is a misconception among some of the people that we still live in pyramids and ride camels. Concerning online and face-to-face, if it were face-to-face, it would be more fun. In fact, It would take me some time to get to know them and be comfortable in the real world. Nevertheless, when it is online, I find it very easy to intact quickly as I would see these people again. Overall, Soliya’s online conference was beneficial because it allowed me to debate various multifaceted topics that I found interesting. These topics included cloning, social media, freedom, knowing more about yourself, and instances of identity threats. One of the topics that I really enjoyed was cloning, which is very controversial, and also it was one of the topics I suggested discussing. I feel like Soliya enhanced the idea of joining a more online cross-cultural education program as I found that it pushes me to express more of myself.