This experience is considered one of the most enjoyable experiences I have tried, and the best part was when I started doing the interview with three people who had an eating disorder and listened to three different stories and that’s exactly what was cool about it was that I collected information from three real stories and created from them one completely new story that anyone could play, but one of the things that I think I would have to change is that some of the changes are forced by the game because these events are real. . During the creation of the game, he collected a lot of information about this mental illness. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to add more events or to modify the game with the modifications that I wanted, as I wanted to add more scenarios, so if I had a lot of time, I would add more scenarios and paths because I believe that many scenarios will make The player feels more involved in the story and the game, and it would increase his sympathy more with the game character, and this was one of the positive comments that came to me on the day of the game experience with my colleagues, which is that I made them feel the suffering of the patient, but I had to make them participate more.

Hope You enjoy the game ^^