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Starting off with the modifications that I made to my part, which is the “Father,” after we tested our game, my colleagues (Lily and Hana) suggested that I put images related to either the consequence or even the question. It was really hard to find images that gave off the Egyptian lifestyle, as the internet does not picture an Egyptian kid having therapy. Moreover, I tried to be realistic even in the images. On the other hand, the other suggestion was connecting a specific consequence with another question to increase the length of the game. If I had more time, I would have taken the chance to go and talk to people in prison with similar issues in order to give more details about their lives in the game. Because when someone plays, they immediately feel as if it is their life. I learned multiple things during the making of this game. First, I learned that life is so hard, especially when you are responsible for children. As a teenager, I never thought about responsibility or being obliged to provide food and shelter for anyone. Especially with the game being in Egypt, with the inflation rate right now, it’s very hard for these people to live. Even though the game gave a man a good chance of finding these jobs, there are no jobs available for this type of person in Egypt right now. Moreover, the 50% chance that got the mother out of jail is a very high hope, not like in real life. Proving the innocence of someone in Egypt, especially someone accused of theft, is very hard, and the thing is, she is a woman, so of course she faced a lot in jail, and life after she gets out of jail will not be easy. For example, it would not be easy to convince people that she was falsely accused. I also learned another thing during this game, which is summed up in this I gave my mother and father the link to play and give me feedback on my game. Both of them played separately, and the result was that my father chose to work in everything to give sons a better life, and he ended up being a great father.While my mom chose the janitor and thought that the money was not as important as the days off “for the father” in order to spend more time with his sons, she eventually realised that she was a bad father for not providing enough money. This simply summarises the idea that everyone has their own priorities, even if they have the same life, but each person thinks differently.

I learned about the story from Habiba, my partner in the game, who knew the story of this woman as a primary source. Moreover, in my part as the “Father,” I tried to include awareness for therapy, especially in the Egyptian community. It’s very rare to find this kind of awareness in this social class. This article talks about the effects of a parent’s imprisonement on a child’s health. Even though it’s in the U.S., every child feels the same when their parent is in prison, such as severe health problems, depression, and behavioural problems like aggression.



In the game I’ve included all the links for the images above them but here are they;