One of the important things I learned and had because I wasn’t aware of it is that sometimes I’m biased towards some people at the expense of others. And I discovered this when there was a discussion in the class through the question posed by the doctor, which is Do you feel that you are biased towards anything in your life, and after explaining the meaning of the word, my mind began to discover that I was actually biased towards some people, whether it was in my exercise or in my daily life. One of the important things that I also learned is not to judge people by just knowing their country or their culture, and this I learned through the video we watched in the class titled “Don’t Ask Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m Local.”

What I learned about myself is that I was that person who was afraid to share a lot of things with others because of the identity issue and because of old situations that affected me psychologically, but this problem began to disappear little by little until it no longer existed, and certainly there were many factors, including the group activities that we do in the classroom .

In interaction, I learned to deal with different personalities, and this is through separation, because I am in every class, I am in a group with a different person who has a different thought from the other, and this made me like to listen and benefit from their different thinking from me more than to reveal my fixed and unchanging thoughts. I think this will help me a lot in Solyia because I want to learn about new cultures, new customs and traditions and this will happen when I listen more than I speak