1. What have you learned intellectually about the topics we’ve covered so far? Please refer to at least four readings, videos, or activities that helped you learn this and explain why. What questions do you still have about these topics, and how might you use your Soliya experience to enrich your knowledge?

Identity was the most difficult thing for me to understand. Don’t ask where I’m from, ask where I’m specific educated me the most since it emphasized the reality that just because you were born somewhere doesn’t automatically mean that’s where you feel local or at home; it may be somewhere completely different that you’ve just been once. Instead of asking people where they are from, I may utilize the soliya experience to increase my knowledge by asking them where they feel most at home. “How African Is Northern Africa?” was the title of one of the compositions. This essay truly helped us understand how a location may still separate itself from other countries/cultures surrounding it.Well, this essay helped us understand how a country may still separate from the other countries/cultures surrounding it. It also shed light on the topic of identity. The Syrian Refugees, which investigated empathy, and othering, might represent the third element. These games allowed us to interact with the games on a deeper level, demonstrating how bias, like empathy, can manifest itself in a variety of ways.


2.What have you learned about yourself and the way you view the world so far? What questions do you still have about your own self and how you present yourself to the world? How do you expect your identity to affect your Soliya experience as you interact with people from other cultures? How might you use the Soliya experience to enrich your self-knowledge?


I’ve realized not only in my opinion but also among most of the class that all of us are prejudiced toward some things that we’re not conscious of, that we only see the world from one point of view, which is normal because we are humans. But we should seek outside of ou own usual environment to experience life from the viewpoints of others and understand that others is “ normal’’. 

One of my concerns is if I will be able to mix with individuals from other origins and cultures in Soliya. 


  1. What have you learned in terms of interactions with other people? What questions do you have about how to become a better “global citizen”? How would you like your Soliya experience to help you learn to be a good “global digital citizen”? How might you use your Soliya experience to enhance your ability to interact with culturally different people?

Well, first of all I realized that I should treat each and everyone in the way that suits them. We are all different and have different personalities, that’s why we should take care while communicating with the people around us. Personally speaking, to become global citizen I think that I should travel more, read books, connect with different people and explore the world in different ways. I might use the soliya experience when traveling abroad because it helps us more understanding about many different cultures.