What have you learned intellectually about the topics we’ve covered so far? Please refer to at least four readings, videos, or activities that helped you learn this and explain why. What questions do you still have about these topics, and how might you use your Soliya experience to enrich your knowledge? 

  • One of the videos that taught me a lot was “Don’t Ask Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m Local”, this Ted Talk taught me the meaning of identity and how shouldn’t I put characteristics to people according to there country because the country they were born in, can be not their nationality. Also, this topic will help me understand people more in Soliya meetings because I would ask them what is the country the feel at home in mostly. Secondly, “Depression Quest” game really benefited me in understanding people’s feelings and understand my own feelings to know how to express them. Thirdly, the Tea game that we did in class (I can’t its specific name), but I enjoyed it so much and made us know each other more as classmates while sharing our thoughts and beliefs regarding specific topics. Fourthly, “Othering” activity was so beneficial as I didn’t believe after we finish how are we all biased and judgmental without realizing it and how people do things like that to me and I didn’t notice that it is called othering or being biased only because someone is different than them in a way or another. In addition, this activity was so enjoyable as it was done in a simple way and used an acting method that I really enjoyed.

2- What have you learned about yourself and the way you view the world so far? What questions do you still have about your own self and how you present yourself to the world? How do you expect your identity to affect your Soliya experience as you interact with people from other cultures? How might you use the Soliya experience to enrich your self-knowledge?

  • I learnt about myself and the world is that the world is too hard know a days so when try to be kind to everyone as you could be the only kind thing that happen in anyone’s day. The main question that I’m still asking to myself is how can I answer the question “what is my real identity” and what are the things that could help me discover my identity (Who am I?). My identity would help me in the Soliya experience in asking people meaningful questions that could let them express their thoughts more and help me know who could I express my thoughts and beliefs. I might use the Soliya experience in opening my mind more to diversity and in accepting differences without judgments, but with benefiting of others experiences in life.

3- What have you learned in terms of interactions with other people? What questions do you have about how to become a better “global citizen”? How would you like your Soliya experience to help you learn to be a good “global digital citizen”? How might you use your Soliya experience to enhance your ability to interact with culturally different people?

  • I learnt from interacting with people to listen more than talking because it benefit me and also help others to express their feelings more in front of me as everyone always need someone that could only listen him without giving solutions or reacting to what they are saying. I think the only I have about how to become a better global citizen is how will I be understanding everyone good despite their languages or English’s accent, so I’m excited to experience that by myself as the Soliya experience will give me the opportunity to hear different accents that could let me get used to it and the most important for sure is knowing different cultures and backgrounds. I would interact a lot through the Soliya experience, but I will be focusing on listening others opinions and reactions to everything.