mplicit test


Which tests did you choose and why (link to them) 

I chose the religion iat and gender- career iat . The reason I chose these two is because I was curious about them the most. I constantly have different views over religions and my career path as well. Link 1

 Link 2 Study


  1. What is the result you were expecting? What is the result you got? 

       With the religion IAT i thought that i would prefer christianity more because i am more familiar with it since i have a lot of christian friends. However, it turns out I don’t prefer one religion more than the other. It made me really happy that I am not biased towards a certain religion. The gender- career test also surprised me because I thought I would associate career with male more ,however, it turned out the opposite. There was a slight association for male with family and females with careers. 


  1. How do you feel about the result you got? What did you learn?

 I did not expect the result I got , however, I am very happy and satisfied with the results. I’m glad that I am equally accepting for both religions and not racist or biased towards a certain one. I learned that I really care about my career as a female therefore, I associated career with females more than with family. 


  1. How credible do you think the IAT is and why?

I personally think that it is credible because the questions were very random and unbiased , therefore, i think the results are more accurate . Sometimes when I do certain tests I know where the questions are going and how the results are going to be . However when I did the test I didn’t understand how it would measure preference or association.