1: Spent

I enjoyed playing this game. It is very stimulating and allows one to live in its mood by allowing yourself to live within the game and live other experiences. By living other experiences, I feel that I learned to understand people’s positions and struggles in life. This allowed to appreciate some small details about my life. I really enjoyed and cherished the game and feel that nothing is to be changed.

2: BBC  Syrian Refugee

This game was not relatable and was not allowing me or players in general to interact with the game and live in its mood or feels as the first game did. However, it spread awareness and shed light about taboo topics about the refugees and their suffers and I felt sympathy. Yet, the game still has to be more relatable in terms of format

3: October 1st 2020:

I did not feel this was a game. It is super relatable to real life events. Many teacher suffer from such events daily as any other human beings. I have learned from this game that us as students should excuse teachers and not take them for granted because they are like any other human who has difficulties and suffers at home. The game has nothing to be improved, it is so so easy and organized.

4: Depression Quest

My mood playing this game, was quite the same as its name; depressed. Sadly, this game demonstrated the truth and made me feel the situation as if I experienced them first hand. People turned out to have very taboo motives behind each and every action, little did I know that everyone makes decisions bas on crucial factors that no one understands but a person himself. However, the game was a bit way too long.

5: Fake it to make it:

I felt that this game is super chaotic and confusing.

However, I learned to get the best use out of certain sites and make them more credible. For improving this game, I feel it should be much more organized and focus on the chaos because it is so confusing to the player.

6: Sleep deprived moms

I loved this games because it is so realistic and relatable because it allows each one to understand motherhood and it indirectly gives parenting tips and helps people know how to deal with children. I learned some parenting tips that might help me in the future deal with kids or younger cousins or siblings. I really liked the game and it was so straightforward, nothing to be changed about it.