1. Have you learned intellectually about the topics we’ve covered so far? Please refer to at least four readings, videos, or activities that helped you learn this and explain why. What questions do you still have about these topics, and how might you use your Soliya experience to enrich your knowledge?  

Microaggression, how to use the term bias , “othering”, fake news.  For microaggression we did role playing activity  in class where we acted out a scene about a black girl and white people always touching her braids and hair and asking her about her hair texture. We stated how it seemed genuine ,however, it is offensive to her. In class we did an activity about biases that we experience daily and we learned the difference between biased against or bias towards. “Othering” is a term we learned through annotating an article about inclusiveness and belonging.  We talked about fake news and how to detect that it is fake. We watched a video about Trump talking about AlQAABA , however, it turns out he was talking about his supporters. The only question I have is how to detect fake news if there was no prior research that it is fake if I cannot find the original article. 


     2. What have you learned about yourself and the way you view the world so far? What questions do you still have about your own self and how you present yourself to the world? How do you expect your identity to affect your Soliya experience as you interact with people from other cultures? How might you use the Soliya experience to enrich your self-knowledge?                                         

   I learned that each and every person has their own perspective on how they view life. Religion, upbringing, and tradition has a huge impact on a person’s behavior and personal opinion .I don’t really think my identity would change my experience because we learned in our class to accept different opinions and not alienate a certain group of people. Also, I lived in Malaysia when I was younger and this exposed me to different cultures at a very young age. This experience made me accept different people, cultures and perspectives. I would ask people different questions about their daily lives about certain rules in their countries to enrich my self knowledge


 3. What have you learned in terms of interactions with other people? What questions do you have about how to become a better “global citizen”? How would you like your Soliya experience to help you learn to be a good “global digital citizen”? How might you use your Soliya experience to enhance your ability to interact with culturally different people?

I would like to interact with different citizens to gain a different perspective about life. I would like the soliya experience to make me a better global citizen by knowing different behaviors that are offensive in different countries, to prevent offending a certain culture. I will become a better global citizen by being aware of the world’s diversity.