1. Which tests did you choose and why (link to them)

I chose the skin tone and presidents quiz. Firstly, I chose the skin tone quiz because I wanted to find out if I had noticeable inclinations towards either light or dark skin tones. Then, seeing as I am enthusiastic about American politics, I had to move ahead with the Presidents quiz. This time, however, I intended to put the accuracy of the IAT to the test because…

2. What is the result you were expecting? What is the result you got?

As I was saying, I believe the Biden administration is doing a disastrous job running the country; as such I expected the test to reflect that level of dissatisfaction. To my surprise, however, the test indicated a “slight” preference for Joe Biden over Abraham Lincoln. On the other hand, I expected an inclination towards lighter skin-tones, which was confirmed by the test.

3. How do you feel about the result you got? What did you learn?

I am not surprised at all by the result of the latter test, seeing as people in my community are mostly (relatively) light skin-toned. As such, it is only natural for me to lean and gravitate towards said people. Although this does not translate into any form of discrimination, I believe being aware of such a bias is healthy. When it comes to the result of the Presidents test, I must admit the frustration level is exceedingly large because I expected quite the opposite based on my current political inclinations and opinions (that is not to imply I’m pro Republican). Accordingly to the first test, I confirmed the conjecture that it is important for one to be conscious of their biases.

4. How credible do you think the IAT is and why?

I would’ve boasted about the accuracy of the IAT, had it given accurate results. However, I will not simply deem it inaccurate and proceed to end this reflection because it was accurate on the skin-tone test (unless it was merely by luck). I believe that political opinions and inclinations are not easily detectable as they involve innumerable variables that dictate an individual’s political stature; in other words, no one is full-on Democrat or full-on Republican. Therefore, deciding if a person, myself in this context, leans towards Biden or Lincoln by simply clicking on ‘E’ or ‘I’ is simply insufficient to conclude my inclinations. It could’ve been the case that I was accustomed to pressing ‘I’ on the keyboard more than pressing on the ‘E’ as the games’ rounds progressed or simply making mistakes, thereby swaying the results towards a certain (not necessarily true) conclusions.