Since the first feedback, I was told to use easier vocabulary and make fewer simple decisions. I was also still learning to link the game, so I had made several wrong links. However, in the second draft, I worked on all these comments that Menna had told me about. In the beginning, I thought about choosing a topic that I would be super interested in creating a game for. I chose this topic as I struggled with the topic of beauty standards throughout my life, and how my life is always comparable with social media and unreal beauty standards portrayed online. However, it turns out not all topics would make a good game. At some point, the choices ended, and I had no idea what else could be added to make the choices an interesting path. I thought creating the game would be much easier than it was. I had problems where, in some scenarios, there were a lot of dead ends. I thought AI would help, but it changed direction completely. It helped in some scenarios, but in other scenarios, it was a complete disaster.

I believe I would have done much better if I had chosen an easier topic, like dressing up, similar to Natalie’s topic, or traveling, like Yasser’s topic. These are games I would like to continue playing and making decisions, but midway through creating this game, I got bored of the topic and started creating without passion. To be honest, when I read the syllabus before entering this course, I thought that “game design” would involve actually creating a technical game, which I thought would be super interesting as a graphic design student. However, it turned out to be on Google Docs or Google Slides. Despite this, I still learned a bit from this assignment, such as how to create links on Google Slides, and having the patience to continue the path from one option to two options and moving on.