Part 5 : final draft (game)

The game assignment was a very interesting and fun assignment as i chose to create a game about fashion which is my passion and a field that really interests me .

I honestly didn’t modify my game much since the first draft as I unfortunately didn’t get feedback from my colleagues due to my surgery. However i still made very small changes to my game by adding few more consequence. Here are previous blogposts about the game

If i had more time i would definitely tried to make the game more interesting by giving my players more significant consequences to their choices and my making the scenarios more real so that they could relate to their everyday lives and situations.

I would have also added pictures to the slides so that they look catchy and colorful.

While making this game i learned that fashion doesn’t only interest me but is a field I actually won’t to build a career in . I learned how to be creative and think out of the box by making up scenarios and thinking out of the box . By making this game i also leaned how every choice we make wether in real life or in a digital game influences our lives . Most importantly I learned how to use google slides in a creative way by creating with it a game i would have never thought of that on my own.

In the process of creating my game , I honestly didn’t use AI . I  had so much ideas in mind that I didn’t feel the need to use AI maybe that is because my game was about fashion and fashion is a topic i really like .

Overall, creating my game was a super cool experience.