In the course we have used quite the number of tools and mentioned  many others without using them. while all of them was beneficial and added to me in some way, here is the most ones that I will remember and use after finishing this course.


A tool to share annotations publicly and post comments on online articles. The idea of having a common place to post comments on web content was intriguing to me. Hypothesis allows readers to correct, add, or challenge the information presented, giving a voice to the audience. I see its usefulness in group projects and reading groups and plan to suggest its use in other courses.

Digital Narrative Games (Syrian Refugees):

These games were new to me, and they were a powerful experience. They effectively put me in the shoes of minorities, especially Syrian refugees, making me feel their sorrow, hopelessness, and frustration. These games go beyond what TV can show, providing a deeper understanding of their struggles.

Empathy Toy:

This was a fun and humbling game. As a visually impaired person, it was particularly impactful because it involves describing shapes by touch while blindfolded. It demonstrated the difficulty of detailed communication and the human tendency to help when someone struggles. This game highlighted why people often insist on helping me even when I prefer to explore on my own.


I appreciate the course being conducted on Canvas this semester. Although it was confusing initially, especially after using Blackboard for two years, I have grown accustomed to it. Canvas has become an integral part of my academic routine.


I struggled to get used to Slack, although I appreciated its formal and organized structure compared to WhatsApp. It is a better option for group projects and work, but I found it challenging to keep up with notifications since I am used to checking Gmail and WhatsApp daily. Despite this, I am glad I became familiar with Slack, as I might need to use it in the future.

AI Tools:

Before this course, I had been using AI tools, but my approach has changed significantly. I now use them more carefully, aware of prompt crafting and the biases in AI responses. Understanding that AI can limit creativity and mimic innovative work has made me wary of over-reliance on these tools.