Soliya was a very different experience for me because it was getting to know people I had never met before and maybe will never meet in person. In addition to these people being from very different backgrounds and cultures. Also, Soliya’s experience didn’t have any requirements to participate not including a specific grade, race, or country. Every time we talked about a different topic from all points of view of the world. Which made me learn that I am a mix of a sharer of content and a content producer. The journey in Soliya made me realize that I like to share content, ideas, and experiences but at the same time, I like telling my experience and my content with others. Without Soliya I wouldn’t have gone to the experience of knowing how I would react with completely knowing no one in a discussion. Some ways that I can use to foster constructive communication both online and in face-to-face interactions is first accepting the fact that others can be different in backgrounds, cultures, and religions. When I accept and understand this would be accepting other points of view in a significant way and having an open-minded discussion without arguments and aggression. My overall experience in Soliya was significant in that I learned a lot about other cultures also I learned a lot about the policies of other countries that I didn’t know. For me, the most interesting part of Soliya was that most of my group members were girls who helped us talk about a topic like a gender discrimination and it felt great that every girl from a different country is acting as a feminist. I didn’t feel that I faced any challenges regarding expressing my point of view as most of us were girls, so it made it easier to express our feelings.