looking for a course that will significantly enhance your personal, academic, and professional life? I have the one for oyu. Cultural Interaction, Digital Literacy, and AI Literacy course by Maha Baly is the one you need. I have Personally finished  the course and let me tell you I have a lot to share. This course helped me realize that I express myself better through writing than speaking, thanks to its focus on self-expression activities. I also gained crucial digital literacy skills, learning to utilize various digital tools effectively, which will undoubtedly support my academic pursuits. Socially, activities like the empathy toy exercise taught me the importance of putting myself in others’ shoes, greatly improving my interactions and fostering empathy. Additionally, the course provided valuable insights into AI and its future impact, motivating me to stay informed about AI developments as they will influence many aspects of our lives and careers.

Moreover, I have done many interesting assignments and I would share some of them. I would highlight the interactive game we created because I enjoyed doing it and it allowed me to express important messages creatively. The Soliya experience was also unique and enriching, I highly recommend apply for this program even if you won’t join the course. Finaly, the alternative CV (ALTCV) assignment was an innovative way to introduce myself, contrasting with traditional CVs and reflecting personal and professional milestones. The only issue  that I faced is that While the course excelled in cultural interaction, I felt the digital literacy component needed more depth, and a more balanced focus would enhance the learning experience. This was a little bit disappointing since when I read the title of the course I expected to be introduced to many digital tools that we will help in our studies and general life.

Eventually, I will just say that this course is for Anyone wants to be better, it is perfect for those looking to improve themselves across various domains—psychologically, socially, and digitally. It offers comprehensive development opportunities that cater to a wide range of interests and goals.