Final Reflection Part 1


1) To begin with, I am going to explain how I evolved throughout the semester and how this course had a positive impact on my life. At the beginning of the semester I did not engage a lot in class because it was challenging for me to have class discussions with my colleagues, as I didn’t know them. I thought that this course would be extremely difficult because I had to engage with my classmates every class and we were divided into groups during class in order to complete an activity. In my perspective, I believe I have learned to overcome my fear by trying to face my problems rather than hiding from it. This course taught me how to communicate with people and it enabled me to get out of my comfort zone. Academically, this course made me think outside of the box because we had to submit reflections and annotate, which required critical thinking. One of the assignments that appealed to me emotionally was the Lina Mounzer hypothesis annotation and it aided me to think critically because as we had to connect the article with the course. The article explained how women in Syria were suffering and it reminded of how the Palestinian people are fighting for their lives everyday. This course gave me a better understanding of how people are suffering and it shaped my way of thinking as I was gaining knowledge every class. CORE 2096 has had a positive impact on my social life as it helped me to communicate with people by doing class activities every class. Connecting is one of the most important aspects in life because if we do not engage with other people we will never have friends or even find our significant other. Class activities were efficient for my life and I believe that it improved my wellbeing as I made new friends in class. For my career, this course will have a positive impact because as a businessman I will be giving presentations and interacting with tons of people. If I am unable to interact with people my business will never succeed. Moreover, this course talked about equity and definitely in my career I will always provide same job opportunities, as I believe that the one who puts 100% effort will always succeed.


2) In this course, we created blog posts, assignments, and annotations. I am going to show you my learning in the CORE 2096 course by providing 3 things I have done for this course: Wellness Gift Basket, digital narrative game (phase1), digital narrative game (Phase 2&3) because I believe that these three assignments were the most important of them all as they focused on the person’s wellbeing. The wellness gift basket’s main aim was to give a person a wellness gift so that they can find happiness and encourage them to engage in new activities. The digital narrative game (phase 1) focused on problems people face on a daily basis, such as: depression, gender inequality, spent game and etc. Moreover, I believe that this assignment was crucial because it raises awareness about these topics and it helped me understand how an individual suffers by providing scenarios. The last assignment I am going to discuss is the digital narrative game (phase2&3). In this assignment our group chose to discuss about mental health, as we believe that as person’s wellbeing is extremely important and we wanted to raise awareness about this topic by providing scenarios for people to play. The narrative game enhanced our digital skills, as we had to create the game on Google slides or Google forms, which is crucial because everything is digitalized nowadays and having high digital skills is essential as everyone uses digital technology.


Hyperlinks for the 3 assignments:



3) The first thing I would do as a professor is give less assignments because I believe that students will be overwhelmed if they have too much submissions and they will not be able to learn as they will be focused on finishing their assignments. Another thing I would do is a class debate once a week. For instance, I would split the class into two teams, and then give them a topic and they have to defend their claim by providing evidence. Providing strong counter arguments will help the team win the debate. Finally, I will change the blog post and replace it with a weekly presentation. Most of the students enjoy presentations and I believe that it will improve the outcome of the course because it improves a person’s oral communication skills. Students will read an article related to the course and they will present in front of the class covering the important parts of the topic.


4) The people who are unable to work in groups I highly suggest them to take this course because you will do class activities every class and this will help you engage with other people. Moreover, it will enhance your communication skills because you will interact with different people in class.