Narrative Game: “Spent”



I felt miserable playing this game because I kept thinking about the people who really live in poverty and they had to work a lot in order to provide for their family. For instance, this game only provided us with 1000$ and if you spend it all you basically lose the game. However, this game helped me learn how to survive and how people should spend their money wisely. One suggestion for the game is to decrease the amount of questions because I know for a fact that viewers run out of patience quickly and this will make the games less enjoyable.


Narrative Game: BBC Syrian Refugees



After playing this game, I felt depressed and sorrowful because I’m unable to imagine the pain and suffering that the Syrian people went through. If they stayed in their country they would get killed and if they travel they will find it extremely difficult to survive, as they are unable to live a normal life. The one thing that this game taught me for sure is that people shouldn’t trust anyone because they might betray them in many ways. For example: the smuggler Ahmed took advantage of these Syrian people because he knew that they were vulnerable and they did not know anyone in Egypt. I believe that this game is perfect, there are no suggestions for improving this game because it has provided visual and texts. I believe that it combined the best two elements when creating a narrative game.


Narrative Game: Depression Quest



The Depression quest made me feel gloomy as it gives us a summary of what depression really looks like and how people suffer in silence. In my perspective, I believe that this game is crucial because it raises awareness about depression and it gives you a better understanding of how people live in the darkness everyday. Furthermore, this game taught me that if I find anyone feeling depressed I will try my best to help them by being understanding and always give them optimism. After playing the game I realized how dangerous depression could be and it gave me a better demonstration of what people have been going through. This game would be better if there were less reading and more visuals.


Narrative Game: Sleep deprived mom game



I felt interested because this is the first time I thought about how will I raise my children and how I will manage my time between work and my kids. I learned more about myself and it gave me some knowledge when raising a kid. Furthermore, it gave me more understanding of how moms find difficulties when they are taking care of children and I realized that they play a major role in society. One suggestion to improve the game is to provide more scenarios and visuals.


Narrative game: Domestic Abuse



I felt sadden when playing this game because unfortunately there are lots of people who are subject to domestic abuse and especially in Egypt there isn’t a lot of awareness. After playing this game I learned that people should think about their actions before doing it because it might harm their significant other emotionally or physically. Another thing that I have learned that people should raise awareness about domestics abuse in order to help the subjects who are in danger and never ignore situations that involve domestic abuse. We can improve the narrative game by providing videos of domestic abuse to show the viewers a better understanding and to make them realize how dangerous it is.


Narrative game: Gender Equality



I felt disgusted about the idea of gender inequality and I believe that everyone should have equal rights and the same opportunities. Women have been suffering especially in Egypt because they have never got the chance like men to thrive in their society. Furthermore, women face many obstacles in their life as often times they are forced by their parents to get married at a young age and that it is not necessary to graduate from college. People in Egypt believe that a women’s main role in society is to get married and raise the children. Furthermore, women to do not have the same job opportunities as men and we should encourage people in Egypt to give women equal rights. Adding more scenarios would have been beneficial for this narrative game.



Narrative games comparisons:


After I played all of the narrative games I have come to realize that every single game raises awareness about a certain topic in order to make the world a better place and to help understand the different types of problems that people face all around the world. In my perspective, I admired playing the narrative game that used Google slides because it was much easier for me when selecting the answers and it was simple. Domestic abuse and gender inequality have similar issues because they deal with woman and how they suffer from society. Woman is subject to face more of these problems because of resisting patriarchy and they are more vulnerable in society. The depression quest narrative game can also be compared with other narrative games such as: Domestic abuse and gender equality because all of these issues lead to emotional and physical harm. The spent narrative game can be compared with the BBC Syrian refugee narrative game as they both discuss financial struggles and how people deal with poverty./