• I chose fashion as the topic of my game, as fashion and styling are fields that have always peaked my interest since a young age. Fashion is used as a means of self-expression; it allows us to express our emotions, personalities, creativity, and identities. Fashion is a very wide and interesting field that creates a lot of job opportunities in today’s fast-paced society.

    I am into fashion to the extent that I applied for a bachelor of fashion business in order to pursue my college studies degree in fashion; however, I ended up at AUC, and I am planning on doing my masters in fashion late on.

    I have background information about the fashion industry as I took a fashion styling course last year, where I learned about consumer behaviour, visual merchandising, colour psychology, fast trends, the influence of media on fashion, and many other fashion-related topics.

    Another interesting point to add on is that i have done so many research on that specific topic because of how i chose fashion as the topic of my final French baccalaureate presentation . My presentation was about fashion boycotts and their influence on us ,more specifically Balenciaga’s  controversial campaign which created a lot of debate .

    This game is designed for those who struggle to make decisions when it comes to styling . My aim behind this game is to help people choose their outfits for events.

    I believe that we all care about looking presentable when it comes to events and parties.

    This game is all based on making choices such as wearing something in your wardrobe or spending 200 dollars on a new suit ect.. . What’s nice about the game is that these decisions won’t affect the next rounds as each day is a new day with a  new outfit and a new event.

    I hope  to make other’s life easier and better by creating this game .