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Let’s Travel

Let’s Travel is an initial name chosen by me that indicates what the game is about. This topic is my sole real passion which is traveling the world and seeing different places using different methods of doing so. As an initial thought to the game and how it works, It begins by choosing the time of your vacation that is adjacent to a certain amount of money that is used for your vacation.

First, we talk about the method of traveling either by land, air, or water. Every option will have its pros and cons and it dives into details of each option. For example, for air transportation, we will have options such as flying on a budget-friendly airline, economy class airline, or a business or first class airline. Each option will have its pros and cons and it results in consequences that happen after your choice with some data and statistics when choosing a certain option.

Secondly accommodation, as a result of choosing for example to fly business class, your budget will be lowered significantly so you will have to stay at a hostel instead of staying at a hotel. Another example is you can choose to fly on a budget-friendly airline, and this will make your accommodation more comfortable as you will be staying in a 3-star hotel instead of a hostel. Choosing an hotel for example will result in eating street food rather than fancy meals and so on.

All of this emerged from my experience when traveling to Europe on a solo backpacking trip that lasted for 15 days. Everyday, I benefited from staying at hostel instead of an hotel as I did shop for things that I need as I saved money staying at hostels instead of hotels and so on as mentioned before. Also, I choose at the beginning to take an economical class airline which made me stay at hostels as it was relatively expensive. All of that is just brainstorming what I am going to do for my game which any aspect mentioned above can be subjected to a change.