After a hot and tiresome day, you push the glass door of the bank to be welcomed by the cool air coming from the AC and the noise of the people speaking at the same time.
you inter then cot a number and find a seat to wait. After 45 mins of listening to the surrounding voices to ease your boredom  finally it’s your turn.
“good after noon sir! How may I assist you today” said the lady behind the window.
“good after noon ma’am! I would like to open a new account” you reply.
“no problem, we need to fill out some information first”

And after another 20 mins you reach the last step to hear the lady says:

“Aad finally I need get your signature”
“but you see, I’m blind I can’t  actually write”
“sorry sir, in order to continue, you must sign here”

Well, what do you do now?

Make a big fuss and find the manager to ask if they are kidding with you?

After explaining how it’s a huge mistake to lose you as a customer, you leave and try your luck with another bank?

You give up and return home since it’s not easy for you as a blind person to deal with the bank stuff.


Today is the long waited  football final between the Ahly and Zamalek. You and your brother having a big fight about who is going to win.
during your heated discussion, your brother ask
“anyway, where are you going to watch the match?”

“Om I usually listen to any match on the radio” you answer.
“why don’t you come with me to the café?” he suggests.

What now? What are you going to do?

Accept and go cheer for the rid demons between your brethren of the Ahly fans.

Refuse since you enjoy listening to the radio because it’s audio descriptive




While you are in your room scrolling  on TikTok, you hear the sound of the door opening followed by the unique steps of your mother.
“hey mum, what is it?” you ask.

Nothing much dear, just wanted to talk with you about your cousin’s wedding next weak”
“yeah, what about it?”
“I and your sister will go shopping to buy new dresses tonight. Would you like to come along or would you prefer we buy your dress for you?” she inquired .

You go, since you feel like annoying  some shop keepers today and you really like shopping.

Make them buy you the dress since they usually help you to chose your new cloths.