Before I started this course, I didn’t know that there was a difference between digital skills and illiteracy. I always thought that if I understood something, it meant that I had acquired a new skill, but after I learned about digital literacy, I understood that there are consequences that I can face because of some of these digital technologies such as social media. I also discovered that digital skills are determined by what and how the task was done. The article continues with a discussion of how digital and literacy skills relate to real learning and how we can benefit from our understanding of technology of all kinds that we use to help advance education, for example. The article also clarifies a catastrophic problem that occurs at this time, which is that people do not understand what they share with people on social media, usually because they are not aware of the power of social media and the huge number of people who can be affected by what they share. To sum it all up, after reading the article and experiencing this course, I finally got a solid understanding of the difference between digital skills and literacy and discovered that the two are different in many aspects, but they are important in our lives. 


According to my personal profile, I discovered that I am weak in some things and must work on them, such as tools and technology, understanding privacy settings and knowing a lot about them because privacy is an important thing, so I have to learn how to take care of my privacy. The second thing is identity and luxury, as I need to search more for my identity on the Internet. On the strengths, I can participate in online discussions and collaborate with others, and I can also create digital resources.


1.Taught path in my first digital literacy I chose to choose the taught path. There were many stations I could choose from, but I preferred to choose Essentials of Graphic Design. In this lesson, I learned graphic design and the comparison between print and web designs, and I also learned the basics of design thanks to This course taught me to pay attention and focus on everything around me, such as television advertisements, advertisements on public roads, or even advertisements distributed on the street. The course also helped me to understand innovation in designs and how it is possible from a simple color and a simple shape to give rise to a great design. I also learned the target audience from the designs and realized the importance of the target audience. I really enjoyed it.


In my second station, I chose the presentation tools and skills because when it comes to presentation, I always feel nervous, not ready and satisfied with my presentation, so I decided to make this my second station. The first thing I learned was to plan the show. These are the basics known, but they helped me very much and of course from the main factors that I learned About the presentation is to know the target audience to know the way in which the presentation will be presented, and everyone always makes the mistake of forgetting the target audience. One of the important things that I also learned is that the visual aids are very important and help to raise the focus of the spectator, and these visual aids can be video images or even statistics. Now also thanks to this program I know how to reduce my stress when I make a presentation.


For the third activity I decided to choose the online identity lesson. I wanted to look at this part, and indeed I got to know things that I had never heard of before, such as the digital fingerprint. I also learned that all people leave traces behind on the Internet, and I must take care not to leave traces behind on the Internet because there are unknown external applications that can monitor me. I also learned about Self-protection in relation to bullying behavior. I also discovered that each of us has advantages and disadvantages for his activity on the Internet, and one of the important things that this course clarified is to stop racism, bullying and unacceptable behavior via the Internet, and this made me think seriously about fighting the negative behaviors that I see daily on the Internet in order to reach a better world without harassment.


Overall, I benefited a lot and learned a lot as I thought I was good with technology, but I discovered new tools. I don’t know how to use it was complicated at first, but I was learning until it became as fun as a game. One of the things that I did not expect that I would choose and complete my digital education with it is the protection from the Internet. I expected that I would know how to protect myself well, but I decided to choose this course to educate myself more. One of the important goals I set myself to reach as well is to become a better presenter. And last but not least, although I work in the field of designs and know a lot of things about this field, I decided to know more. Indeed, after entering the course, I felt that it was a new and refreshing experience and it would make me look forward to developing myself more.