My wellness gift basket is for friends in need of encouragement and mood enhancement. All the components in the basket have helped me personally when I am feeling down.  When I am feeling sad, usually what lights up my mood is taking care of myself. Doing facials for myself or applying makeup is a therapeutic process for me. Therefore I included skin care products and makeup products as well. Running also eases my mind when I am having anxiety because doing a physical activity can induce endorphins and dopamine . After getting my workout done I love to watch my comfort show and sip on a hot beverage. So I added lemon grass tea packets because it’s my favorite. Listening to an instrument such as the piano can relieve stress and anxiety, so I suggest listening to classic piano pieces. Generosity makes people happier, therefore , doing some charity work such as distributing meals can raise levels of happiness and emotional well-being. Finally I added a quote that grounds me and motivates me for what is coming ahead.