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I have chosen several things for many reasons, but the most important reason is that these things always make me at peace in myself and I am sure that it will improve the psychology of anyone. For example, there is a picture of a gym that I took myself and put it because I believe that sports are a solution to promoting mental and physical health and if you notice I’ve put someone down too because I’ve tried to run daily in the morning for 20 minutes and that makes me feel energetic all day long. I have also put up a picture of the chocolate candy because I believe that chocolate will make anyone happy. One of my favorite and relaxing things that I decided to put are candles and the scent of agarwood because I trust that agarwood and candles are an easy way to clear the mind, empty the brain, and relax. One of the things that I experienced and that became something important to boost my mental health was playing music, so I put up a picture of the guitar. One of the best programs that I can recommend to anyone who wants to make friends is the Discord program that I have used for more than four years now, and I have made many friends on it and this made me more social. But the thing that makes me happiest is family, so I put a family picture because family is the source of happiness. Finally, there is quote, which is one of the most important principles in my life which is ” لو ركزت علي اللي ضاع منك عمرك ما هتشوف اللي مستنيك”