I chose to watch “What I hear when you say (Race Card)” because I thought that this topic would be interesting to learn more about and to explore other people’s opinion about how they feel when other people talk to them in a certain way. Moreover, I was curious to know what was the main goal about this video because I did understand it before watching. Before watching the video I thought that race card had a completely different meaning and I wanted to watch its video in order to have some knowledge about what race card really means.

This video taught me that race card is a technique used to turn tables on a person when having a discussion with them as you feel defensive. In addition to that, Its used to gain the audience’s attention by telling this particular person is being racist towards me. The race card is also used in order to win an argument. Another term I learned is micro aggression and how it can have a negative impact on the society.

I felt gloomy after watching the video as it illustrated how people can treat others differently because of the color of their skin or that they belong from a different culture. Racism in general has had a negative influence on people as it made people suffer emotionally and physically. For instance, they interviewed an asian woman in the video and she said that other people were teasing her because of her eye.

After watching the video, I realized how people were badly mistreated and I believe that we should raise awareness about preventing racism. When telling another person that your playing the race card is unethical as you are trying to run from the fact that you are biased and racist. In conclusion, people should try to understand others without being racist and try to prevent racism.

Video link: https://www.pbs.org/video/what-i-hear-race-card/