1. Spent
    this was an exciting game as it’s very realistic, putting the player in the shoes of a father who is struggling and trying to make it through the mouth without being bankrupt. When I played the game the first time, I wasn’t paying much attention to the money I had left and tried to be very kind in my choices, thinking it would turn out for good in the future. For example, I always put my child and my friends before myself, always trying to make my child happy and not make him think that we are going through rough times. However, it turned out that it didn’t matter, and I got three job stikes because of it and ended up with only 100 dollars left, and I was struggling to make it toward the end of the game. The second time I played the game, I tried a different job and tried to spend as little money as possible. I had 1000 dollars left and didn’t lose my job this time. This game taught me how life could be complicated for an adult and made me very thankful for my blessings.
  2. Losing A Parent
    this game was tough to play because of the traumatic experience I felt. The game’s creator did an excellent job with the details of how people deal with anyone who lost a parent and how they would feel sad for them and deal with them differently. I related to this game as one of the friends of the children. Recently one of my friends lost their father, and I felt sad for him and didn’t know how to deal with the situation. When I was playing the game, I tried to keep the father’s passing as secret as possible, as this is something I would do if this ever happened to me. Talking about how I feel to others might have helped the child in the game. However, from my experience, when I speak to someone, if I’m not feeling good, it doesn’t help me, and it makes me feel even more depressed. This game was made excellently; however, if I was going to change anything to make it more developed, use something different than google Forms and maybe use some more visual enhancements to the game.
  3. Fake it to Make it
    I enjoyed playing this game because of the purpose of raising awareness of fake news websites. The game also showed how people could be easily manipulated by fake news. Many sites nowadays post fake news to get views and generate advertising revenues. The game was a bit too long as you are trying to reach a Financial goal. However, I enjoyed the details of how you can choose the articles you post and the groups you post the pieces in to achieve the highest shares and reach your money goal faster. The game was visually impressive, and the music created an excellent atmosphere for the game.
  4. Know Yourself
    This game is very relatable and realistic as it shows that other people’s opinions influence many people; also, it shows how many people can be very judgy towards a person’s action without knowing the reason behind it. While playing the game, I made choices that any average human would make. However, after seeing the results and thinking about how judgy these choices made me look. This game influenced me to be less judgy toward other people. I would add pictures to the game to make the game more exciting.
  5. Bury me, My Love
    playing this game gave me flashbacks of when I was watching the news and seeing videos of bombings in Syria. The game gave me a little experience of how the people chose to live in their country and risk their lives during the war. The match was perfect visually, and it’s fantastic that the creator made the player feel the experience of the Syrian war through simple words and not using any photos that might be disturbing to other players. The game is very technologically developed, and I enjoyed playing it.
  6. Syrian Journey, choose your own escape route.
    I didn’t enjoy the game as it was short. It could have been a bit longer and more entertaining. However, I think the game raises awareness about Syrian refugees’ struggles and difficulties. The game was perfect visually.