I have been thinking lately about the people (mainly students) whose mental health and wellness is getting drained, ruined, or negatively impacted. While I am writing this post, memories of incidents involving mental health struggles rolled over my head, and I do not have any solution to offer. I am however a firm believer of the power of talking, and how it might change people’s mood. At many times, I resort to talking with people in order for me to heal, to calm down, to express thoughts, and to immensely feel the gratitude that god bestowed upon me. But that does not support the element of wellness – at least for many. Some people are just too timid to express and explain themselves, which is completely understandable.

The first time for me to know about this wellness gift basket was from Dr. Maha Bali; it was in light of our course assignment. For me, it is a super exciting idea that, at least, we try to support people’s wellness and alleviate their grief.

Hence, I am going to share a list of things that lifts me up when I am not in the mood, when I feel lost, when there is no option but to be in solitude.

My radio

Indeed you read it right: ‘ a radio’!

I actually love listening to a wide variety of things, and I enjoy it when the content is dedicated to the auditory sense. Ever since I was 10 or older (cannot remember exactly), I really fall in love with the radio. It was my only means of knowing about what happens in the world, and I really learnt a lot from programs, from people, and from building these memories that just echoed events or special occasions. I believe, additionally, that listening and imagining people in a studio developed my communication skills, as I kept wondering: how can these people remain focused while talking to themselves. It may seem daunting, but eventually through observation (in my case listening), I became confident and buoyant.

At times when things fall apart, I comforted and consoled myself by referring to the sound of the radio or music; shortly after, it brough me joy and happiness.

My mobile phone

My first ever device that allowed me to see the internet (the digital world)was my phone. I, in fact, learnt about webpages, apps, and social media using this small device; it actually opened up another world for me. . It was actually my gateway to interacting with others, and to get out of this secluding environment of just listening to the radio. Through YouTube videos, communication channels, and social media posts, I was able to nourish and shine in the digital world thanks to the support I got from my family; it gave me such confidence to do that.

Coffee/ chocolate

Two essential objects which support my wellness are coffee and chocolate. Back to my childhood days, I used to receive chocolates from my uncle; thus I became fond of it. I , however, have begun to love coffee in my high school years. Obviously, there is no such reason for that. Just the smell of it brings me this feeling of joy and calmness. Unsurprisingly therefore, when I desire to gather with people, my ultimate inclination would be to be in a place that has a combination of coffee and chocolates.

Supporting wellness through a quote

In fact, one of the factors that stimulates an individual and adds to their wellness is definitely rhetoric and speech. Personally, when I feel quite down, the fastest way to get out of this would be by reading. That is, some quotations remain stuck in my head due to their appealing rhetoric, accurate expressive connotations, and sometimes rhythm. Briefly, my favorite quotation says “ you do not need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great”, Zig Ziggler said. The reason I love this quotation is because I , during my high school years, felt a constant sense of defeat. I was not the top of my class, and whenever I lost hope, this quotation rang bills within my ears. I said to myself: starting would be your gateway to being great.

Wellness and delight

To me, my wellness is dependent on the things that happen in my life. I can meet someone whom I love, and that really supports my wellness; it really fills me up. Recently, I joined a community assembly of my institution, which was attended by the board of trustees. It was filled with discussions, meeting new people, and exchanging thoughts. Therefore, I sensed a cheerful attitude due to the connections I made, and the time I spent. I think if you are reading this to form your wellness gift basket, my advise for you is to approach yourself and try to do the things that makes you positive.

Wellness and social activities

On the final list I combined in this basket, I would like to bring here a social activity that really increases solidarity and supports wellness. I love joining online communities to learn and grow my network. I feel this enriches my social and digital skills and know-how. Also, I feel this optimizes my viewpoint about the world, the issues ahead of my sight, and the unconscious bias I might be having about a specific aspect of life.

Finally, if I feel stressed, I get out of the academic and formal nature by watching a vlog on YouTube. Here is my favorite (Kareem El-Sayed). The reason I love his vlogs is that they document a life; they do not commit to a script or a topic. They do not appear to look like a lecture or a seminar.

All in all, I advise you my reader to stick to the activities that sound perfect to you; they will be your most suitable refuge for a better wellness.

**this post includes some real facts about me. It shares personal, and social particulars about my life**

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