A wellness gift basket has an important aim which is to make a person happy and comfortable and I tried to put everything that in my opinion promotes wellness and comfort.

  1. A vanilla bean-scented candle

Image of the white candle with vanilla bean scent



     2. Peace Lilies as their name will promote peace for the one taking the gift

Image of green plant that has white flowers



      3. A video of me and that person in a happy and fun memory will remind them that hard times shall pass. 


       4. A picture I have taken of the beach and sunset that promotes peacefulness

Image of sunset and the beach

       5. Something sweet like a salted caramel cookie 

 Image of 5 salted caramel cookies with caramel sauce



      6. “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” -Elvis Presley


      7. Meditating in a peaceful area and maybe try it with that person 


Animated image of a girl meditating



8. Exercising or trying yoga which will help both mentally and physically 

Image of a person exercising yoga on the beach while sunset



  9. I can’t find anything that delighted me recently, but I can tell them things that I appreciate in them to help them feel better and good about themselves.


10. Taking them on a running for a cause marathon, as it will help them feel good for running for a cause, they will feel good physically and mentally, and lastly, they will get to know new people. 


11. https://www.wellandgood.com