I divide the quality of “wellness” into three main divisions: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I believe that we must aim to excel in said categories for the overall harmony and wellbeing of ourselves and, make no mistake, these categories impact one another. Physically, I chose a picture for the gym as I personally love it and it has had an impact of myself as my physique has improved tremendously. More generally, sports as a recurring event in one’s routine is essential for maintaining/ improving one’s health but most importantly, perhaps, it teaches one to become self-disciplined, hardworking, and okay with the idea of losing. Spiritually, I believe that prayer is the go-to as it offers a periodic winding down time for a person to settle, calm down, recalibrate, and calm down, thereby improving the overall mood. Similarly, helping out other people – the less fortunate – boosts your overall feeling as you won’t get except when you give. Casually driving during the night alone or, alternatively, walking helps one reduce stress and offers an escape mechanism. In addition, Oud is the go-to smell for feeling better and at ease. Personally, it smells nostalgic because my late grandfather would often put it on. I believe reading books, especially novels, provides an indispensable source of entertainment, bolsters one’s imagination, lexicon, and language use. This is because, as opposed to just watching events unfold on-screen, you have to imagine and conceive of the writings. It is particularly interesting because your conception of a scene is typically unique to yourself.  Also, staying away/ reducing time on social media is a must if we’re talking about well-being. As we’re constantly on the lookout for the constant attention that social media garners for us, we’re limiting our dopamine release to said attention. As such, I would highly advise a person to reduce time on social media as to rewire their brain, and become more appreciative and confident of in-person interactions. Actually, I’ve started this a couple of months ago along with my friends, and it has made a induced a huge difference in our characters.  As a last advice, I’d give a person a weekly planner, so to help them plan out their entire week. This maintains motivation and management in the person throughout the week as it helps them view which tasks are still outstanding.


Green-background poster shows images of: gym, a person reading a book, Oud fragrance, a prostrating boy, a person ledning out a hand to a homeless person, a planner titled "Things to do", a person running, and a car during the night.


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