• one of them needs to be about the way the special tech & furniture were used in the class this semester); 

I think the smart boards in our classrooms were very beneficial. We utilized it in several ways such as writing on them using a smart pen, presenting on them several activities, and we were even able to connect our phones on and play the digital narrative game. Moreover, I also loved the chairs in this classroom because they are more comfortable to sit in and you can even move whenever there is an activity we can move closer for our groups or for making a circle for class discussions. 


  • one of them can be a tool used in another course, or a comparison between its use in this course vs others

I used google slides in other courses for presentations , however, i never used it to create a game . 


  • Slack


Slack is a collaboration tool created to free people from email and meetings so they can work at their best, remain in touch with the people that matter, and have more time to pursue their passions. Slack is one of the tools that I found very helpful for me during class time. It is very easy to use and I can relate it to a private group for our class that we shared content and information in. At the beginning , I was very confused about slack because I didn’t know when to utilize it. However, I got a hang of it and I was aware of how beneficial it is.  I like slack because I think it’s like a whatsapp group where you can ask questions about things that you are confused about , or even you can inform Dr Maha if you are running late.  

  • Blog

The blog served as a platform for us to express our thoughts and ideas on a range of subjects. The posts were made backwards in time, so the most current one would show up first.  I liked the class blog because it  functions like online diaries, where we  inform peers about a specific content. Blog posts taught me how to be creative, for example choosing a certain picture as a header for my post. Moreover, I learned that I could reflect on a topic using several forms such as doing a collage or a presentation or video. I also liked our class blog because I can see my peers’ opinions on several topics and learn more about the topic. At the beginning I thought I wouldn’t like blogging because I was not familiar with it , however, I learned how to do it and enjoyed getting comments and feedback about my posts. 

  • Soliya

The Soliya Program is an integrated online cross-cultural education programme that offers young adults a special opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of other people’s perspectives on significant sociopolitical issues and to develop skills like critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, and media literacy. Soliya for me was definitely an interesting experience, because I learned how different people are in different cultures. Even Though, i am not the kind of person to participate in discussions, I learned how to be cooperative  in Soliya. I learned how to get engaged in discussion and learned how to express my opinion and have a dialogue with my peers. I think Soliya is an essential tool to expand knowledge and awareness about several topics in different cultures. 


  • Google slides

Using Google Slides, you can collaborate with others while creating and formatting presentations online. You may create dynamic slide presentations using Google Slides. These presentations may incorporate narration, animation, pictures, and videos. I developed so much skill using google slides because of our digital narrative game. I learned how to link other slides to enable users to enter a certain path in my game. I think google slides is a very simple platform to use and it’s beneficial to present our ideas and topics using it. I use google slides for other courses as well, however, it is the first time to use it in a form of a game and not a presentation. I would definitely continue using google slides for presentations and also incorporate it in different forms. 


  • Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a tool we used to annotate different articles during the semester. Hypothesis enables students to add annotations on certain quotes in the article in order to express their opinion on this part of the reading. I liked the hypothesis because I can comment on quotes that affected me the most in the reading. Moreover, i also liked how i can view my peer’s comments on different parts of the reading. What I enjoyed the most is seeing different opinions of my peers and agreeing with their claims. Even Though, hypothesis is a really beneficial tool, I think it is not very easy to use because I always accidentally post my comment in the public section so it was a bit confusing for me.