Throughout the semester, we used many tools, some of which I was already familiar with, and others were entirely new to me and might be helpful to me in the future.
1. Zoom

Zoom is a suitable application for meeting others over long distances, which makes it convenient for the user. For instance, I used this application for a group project I had in another course. We were required to meet face-to-face weekly, but it wasn’t easy to meet up due to differences in our class schedules. Using zoom helped us to meet virtually regardless of where we were. In addition to its convenience, Its interface is easy to use for all ages. During Soliya sessions, I learned that it was easier to participate in class than face-to-face. I was unfamiliar with the application’s tools, but it became easier to use after some practice, such as hosting a zoom meeting. I liked that the meeting features make it easy to use virtual backgrounds and emojis for students to react without interrupting the meeting. I also liked the zoom recording option, if there has been any inconvenience, I can go back to the recording session. However, what I disliked about the application is the free version, which closes the meeting every 40 minutes, interrupting the session.

2. Slack

Slack is a professional application used for communication. It is suitable for firms and businesses, but it is beneficial for teachers to communicate with their students as it offers the ability to create different channels and every channel with a different topic. These channels bring order and clarity to work. I learned how to navigate through each channel. Slack is the most professional application compared to other social media platforms. However, what I would like to change about this tool is that it takes time to load the messages.

3. The classroom

The projectors in the classroom are interactive tools that help accomplish class activities efficiently. As there are six projectors in the school, when we are divided into groups, each group gets to use a different screen. The furniture of the classroom is highly comfortable. As someone with a chronic medical condition in the backbone, the chair did not cause pain compared to the chairs in other classes. Its comfort also helped me focus more, fostering a more significant learning environment. I developed technical skills in using the screens and available tools, such as taking notes and connecting my technological devices to the screen. I liked the overall classroom environment due to its benefits and the skills I gained. I plan to take more classes in this classroom.

4. Google forms 

It is a suitable application for collecting data through questionnaires, which I have used with my other courses for my projects. I never knew I could use google forms to create a narrative game. As I learned to use the tools in google forms, I discovered that each option in the form could direct the viewer to different sections of the form. I liked that it was an easy platform to create the game. It is also a well-rounded platform that can be used for personal use.


It is suitable to note take digitally effectively, and the fact that others can join in and highlight more needed annotations. Such collaborative annotation allows us to share our ideas. I learned how to extract essential information, in addition to learning how to use the program. I liked that it allowed collaborative annotations where we could all share our ideas.

6. The blog

Reflect creativity course website was our platform for submitting our work. I liked the idea that we could see each other work. Also, the website was aimed to bring more creativity while doing our assignments. I was used to submitting my assignments on the blackboard. At first, I struggled to use the platform. But after some guidance from my instructor, it was easy to use. I also liked the feature of commenting on each other’s work and receiving feedback. When I tried to edit my post, it wouldn’t let me.

Tools I would use in the future. 

  •, in my educational career, I have to read a lot of online articles and books. would be helpful in annotating my readings, highlighting important stuff, and putting notes for myself. 
  • Slack I wish more of my teachers in other courses would use slack as a way of communicating with students as it is more professional than other social media platforms. Also, I would use it, hopefully, if I ever start my company or office as a way of communicating with my work team.