This game is so emotional. I really felt stressed and under a huge pressure specially when it came to decisions that would affect my child. I learnt that I should always be grateful for all I have and even all the problems that I’m facing because there are people who  are going through problems harder than mine(الحمد لله). I would suggest that the game could put a time to take every decision, to make the game shorter and to give the player at the end an analysis of his character based on his decisions and the time he took each decision in.

BBC Syrian Refugees

I didn’t find this game enjoyable as it didn’t make me feel that I’m in the role of the Syrian refugee. I learnt to know how to have two choices both with a very high risk and knew how to think well of there results before choosing. I suggest that the game should make the results of every choice relevant to what I chose because I felt that whatever I will choose even very hard choices, I’m going to pass from them safely.

Depression Quest

Firstly, I’m now regretting that I didn’t obey the warning that was written as I’m already depressed so this game made me feel a little more depressed. It made me know my feelings and gave me ideas of what to do at times that I really don’t know how to get over my thoughts. I suggest that the game could give more choices and shorten the description of every phase because every phase is too long and consume a lot of time as there was details that could be cut.

September 7th, 2020

I felt anxiety and exhaustion as this game focuses on stressing the player. I learnt that it was the best decision my university took through the pandemic is making uni online. I really found that most of the phases of the game I have no choices and it was as if I’m reading a story not playing a game so I suggest they could put more choices or even add choices to the parts that don’t have.

Fake it to make it”

The name of this game and its description made me so excited to try it. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it at all, it is unclear and disorganized which make the player feel confused. I learnt that when I make my game I need to make the instructions and guide the player well while playing. I suggest that the game could have arrows that show the player where to start and what to do clearly.

Know Yourself

I really enjoyed the questions and I was surprised from the results every time. I learnt that most of the time I’m judgmental in a way or another with meaning it or without meaning it. I suggest that the game could be done in a way that show that it is a game not a survey because I found it silly as I felt that I’m doing an academic thing not a game and it is really enjoyable, but not in that way.

  • A reflection comparing the 5 games with each other.

Spent and BBC Syrian Refugee are similar to each other regarding the feelings that I felt while playing them. They both really made me know well the suffering that those people go through. In addition, Depression Quest and September 7th, 2020 are similar in the feelings with the previous 2, even although, their topics are different but their message is the same which is to feel how other people suffer and how many problems so hard for me to handle while other people are handling it everyday. Know yourself can’t be compared to the other games, it is my favorite. It is the only game that made me think about myself, my own feelings and how sometimes I harm people by judging them without meaning it, but it could be compared to other games in thinking of what if the people I judge are people in the other games refugees, depressed people, students suffering through the pandemic or Americans that can’t find a job