In this course, we used many tools with the doctor, and the doctor used many tools with us, for example: 


  1. Google docs: I have used this tool a lot in school and in my university life, so this tool is very familiar to me, but one of the most important features that I learned in this tool is that I can comment on any part of written speech, and this I learned in the first course when we were making comments on syllabus One of the things that I found interesting in this tool is sharing with people to write in one document. I always wrote my own papers alone, but in this course, we used to write together at times, and this was really fun sharing ideas in one paper together.


  1. Slack: During this training period, we were using an application called slack to communicate together, and we replaced WhatsApp and email with it. For me, this method was very easy and organized because I used to use an application called Discord, and it and slack are completely similar. As for the system, it is considered very organized as it was divided into many pages such as general, class time, songs channel, and many others. Dr. Ali always communicated quickly with us through him. One of the things that I liked about Slack is that it does not publish information about us like WhatsApp or any other social networking application, where we control what we like to show others, and one of the things that I liked also is that Slack breaks the tension barrier between the doctor and students with each other because it made us all talk And we make friends in class.


  1. Google forms: I used this tool in this course in order to create my own game. This tool is very smooth, but at the beginning when I was developing scenarios for my game, the order of events was difficult and it was like a puzzle, but I found a solution to it that I will explain here. Perhaps it will help Anyone who will take this course. If you want to make a form, and this form has many methods and options, it is better to write all the methods and draw them on an external sheet first, and then apply them to me on Google forms. This will make the world easier completely, and this is what I did when implementing my game.

Don’t you want to try my game ^_^:


  1. Soliya’s Platform: One of the most interesting and tense things is Solia, but I learned a lot from it, as I learned to introduce myself to strangers, I always felt confused, but thanks to this course, I increased my confidence in introducing myself. One of the qualities that I discovered about myself is that I am a curious person and I like to hear a lot from others, and this made me want to read the profile of everyone in my group. Solya helped me to develop reading and writing in my second language, which is English, but unfortunately, I think that I will not use this tool again because I believe that I did not participate in Solia again.


We used more tools than that, but I preferred to write about the tools that I learned from and learned new things, which I am sure I will use again because I think they are important.