At the beginning, before talking about the course, I want to clarify something very important, which is that I suffered a great deal at the beginning of my studies in university life, due to some psychological problems. This made me think a thousand times before registering for any course, and I was very afraid to register for this course because it was a completely new experience for someone studying marketing and film directing. After spending a full semester in this course, at the beginning, fear was controlling me, but the teaching method that the doctor followed was very fun, and this gradually reduced my fear. This is the first reason I recommend anyone to take this course because of it. The classes were interesting as it was not a routine lecture thanks to the different techniques that we used. As for me, I am a person who loves discussions very much, but sometimes I lose my focus a bit, but thanks to the different ways in which we learned, I rarely lose my focus, and this is also due to the activities that we used to do, such as open discussions. 


In this course, I learned many things that were a weakness for me, but it developed gradually, as I learned to speak and express it in my opinion without fear, and I always thought and practiced the words that I wanted to say in my mind over and over again, but I learned not to practice what I said, and that was all thanks to the comfort that was present in the classroom because the doctor was Allowing us to always share our point of view without imposing an opinion This in particular allowed me to be comfortable sharing anything and not worrying about whether it was right or wrong. Therefore, I developed my confidence to speak in front of strangers in this class. One of the most important activities that helped me to participate and speak is the first five minutes in each chapter. We used a platform to publish in it what we feel, whether we were happy, exhausted or upset. Usually, I did not prefer to publish what I feel or reveal it in front of people in general, but after sharing this with strangers Over and over again, this helped me to share it with my friends and family better and more comfortably, and this raised my self-confidence somewhat, so I would like to state that this course benefited me socially. 


If I talk about the assignments that we had to carry out, they are very interesting and not boring at all, according to what I remember. The first thing we did was ALTCV, and this was really one of the most enjoyable things because I wanted to clarify many things about my personality to my colleagues, and this was the most appropriate and easiest solution.

My ALTCV ^^ :


Certainly, every course must contain good things, and things that if changed will be better. For example, in my opinion, Solyia was very, very interesting, because I like to deal with people from different cultures, and I like to open up to other cultures, and this activity allowed us to enter with his request from different countries and enter into discussions with them. But the thing I didn’t like about Soliya is that I repeated the content that I took in the course again, but with different people. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but the bad thing is that Solyia’s appointments were always the study dates, and this is considered another course. But in the end, I learned a lot from Solyia too.


One last thing, the doctor is really wonderful, as she likes to help us continuously and always provides support for us, whether in something inside or outside the course, and the doctor made my academic life easier, and this is what we all want as students. I am really grateful that I took this training course with Dr. Maha, as it was easy to communicate with her. The dates of the deliveries were very flexible, and she understood any problems the students had and helped them with them if she could. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn and have fun at the same time.