Dear future student registering for this course, Here is my experience summed up read carefully hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

1) This course taught me a lot, especially about knowledge and skills. For instance, for myself, I learned about how I can be different from what I think. Binna Kandola’s video on Diffusing bias has helped me, as I never thought I was biassed against a specific group of people like the LGBTQ and know myself more as who I am than how I like to see myself. Also, it helped with knowing my identity as a Muslim Egyptian woman, and those are the videos that helped me: Trevor Noah’s response to the French ambassador after France won the World Cup and this article, “How African is Northern Africa?” Second, for my academic life, I learned about trademarks and citing images, videos, and journals. This article helped me as I had the opportunity to do the activity of distinguishing between credible and fake news. In my social life, I really learned from the Soliya programme how to be interactive and open-minded with other people that I just met through a screen. After the pandemic, I became a very introverted person, especially since the first thing after the pandemic was my first year in university, so it was so much harder to interact socially with my new environment and people. But I think Soliya has made it easier to get to know people, even if I’ll never see them again. Lastly, I think the whole process of choosing your digital literacy pathways will help me in the future in my career as I will be able to know my strengths and weaknesses in specific areas as well as the skills that I learn. The Digital Confidence Profile has helped me to know these things, as it will direct me to use my skills in a suitable career.

 2) If I were to show someone my progress through this course, I would show them the things I learned from and liked the most.

Soliya reflection: I would show them this reflection to explain the progress of my first programme with cross-cultural experience over the course of 4 weeks.

My Digital Libraries Pathway: My digital literacy pathway assignment is made up of many mini-assignments that I had to do over a long period of time, and I included every skill.

And the third thing would be my game and how I developed it as it is my first game ever :

 3) If I could change 2 things about this course, they would be first: the timing of Soliya was so long for 1 session, 2 hours for a person to focus specifically on Zoom, and trying to be active in debates is hard. I would suggest an 8-week period with 1-hour sessions. Second, I really try to be very consistent in attending the class, but I think that the 8:30 class is very hard, as I just woke up and am not participating with my 100%. I suggest it could be in the middle of the day in order for students to be active.

4) A very enthusiastic, technophile, creative and empathetic student should take this course.

Thank you !