One of the things I admire most about this talk that Talay Selassie gave us is that she identified three items to determine by them where people really come from, namely rituals, relationships, and restrictions.

One of the important things that also caught my attention is that it tries and actually explains the three concepts and how a person relates to a place because of what is related to daily rituals, the different relationships that one has with others and why one does not feel comfortable in the place where he is very comfortable.

If I try this on myself, I will say that I am 20 years old, my parents are Egyptian, I was born in Egypt, and I usually have lunch with them every day, and I must maintain my appearance respecting the customs of the place I will go to and in the streets as a boy. I must not wear rings and chains out of respect for my culture (this does not really happen).

I think these concepts bring a deeper understanding of the feeling of belonging to a particular place than referring someone to a specific place that was invented, which indicates that it has not been around for a long time.