My game: Don’t Bury Your Emotions Within

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In My Game, anxiety, a highly common mental problem affecting students, is discussed. I only had 4 situations in my first draught and had no idea how to finish the game or what else I could add to it. I updated some of the scenarios and added more about various approaches to finding solutions for anxiety after receiving some feedback from my instructor and my classmates.

If I had more time, I would have created my game using another application besides Google Forms. The simplest way to make my game was with Google forms. If I had more time, I would study additional coding languages and programs to make a more entertaining and graphically appealing video game. I could have gathered more information about the various anxiety disorders and how they affect people differently. This could have aided me in developing more scenarios and educating the gamer about anxiety.

I had to conduct extensive research on anxiety and its various forms in order to design a game where I had to put the player in the position of someone who had it. I had to speak with both friends and strangers. The experiences and the repercussions that worry may have on a person startled me. It was difficult for me to learn about all the difficult circumstances that people face, some of which can lead to depression and other mental health issues. I discovered how to break up a larger situation into smaller ones and have several outcomes while making the game. all in all, I enjoyed creating the game and learning more about mental issues faced by students.