1. How you modified it since first draft based on feedback (include links to previous blogposts about the game)

Although I really enjoyed the concept of the digital narrative game, it was very hectic at first to get on track. I felt so behind after many trial and errors. Me and my partner have had to redo the whole process several times that it was so draining at first. However, those so many edits and modifications made us up our game. At first, we wrote long paragraph stories for each scenario, which was both hectic and unnecessary, we’ve had too many details that were irrelevant and not in the right spot, we then modified it but the scenarios were very very brief and irrelevant. After so many trials, we have managed to reach the correct instructions and were finally able to build up choices to consequences and vice versa, which we failed to do at the beginning.

Final Draft: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JHLTTcWIfWJnjpJ6vT4m7tbQMLWZvKpE/edit#slide=id.p4

(Can’t find previously submitted game drafts.)

  1. What you would have done differently if you had more time

If I had more time to complete this game, one of the main things I would have focused on was the display. I wanted to add some buttons, pictures, graphics, and colors. I also wanted to add some characters to make it more realistic. That way I could have attracted many players.

  1. What you learned while making this game

The main thing I learned during this game, is that all choices lead to actions, and all actions lead to consequence; those could be good or bad ones. Therefore, this game made me realize to take my time choosing and take life slowly and carefully, because one wrong choice can ruin everything.