Slack is an application that you get enrolled to as a class. It is similar to a whatsapp group where everyone is involved. It also has the benefit of creating as many chat boxes as you want. This helps ease locating your needs; for example we had a chat box for class time, one for assignments, one for general topics. We use this general topics chat box for really interesting general topics such as football matches and way more. It is a really beneficial and interesting app that helps you socialize as well as keep yourself on track in terms of work ethic.


Blogpost is a software that helps you upload your assignments in a classroom. The uploading format is divided into sections that help you focus on the important aspects and parameters you have to include in your paper. It also has the advantage of being open to all member of the class. When a student submits his assignment, it is open to all other students. That allows them to proof read, take inspirations, and understand the assignments better, opening room for improvement. It was very nice and I really do recommend it for upcoming users.

Furniture and display boards

The furniture in the classroom was very modern and comfortable. The chairs were rotating that it allowed us to move around the classroom easier and make groups for assignments and projects, as well as move towards the boards. The room floor was fully covered in carpets; enhancing the hygiene and cleanliness of the room. The smart boards were of very high technology.

They were touch screens and the classroom consists of 8 smart boards. Making it easy to access from all students around the classroom. The classroom was very high tech and high maintenance therefore I really enjoyed it and it made me love the course even more.


Soliya is a web based software that allows you to interact with people from all over the world; all coming from different backgrounds and different cultures. It was a great experience that allowed me to get out of my bubble and enjoy exploring about new cultures and countries. At first it is actually very very stressful that you have to get out of your bubble and comfort zone and interact with people you do not know about and that are completely different from who you are. However, I did not like how we were entitled to complete surveys and evaluations to earn the certificate. I feel the process should be much easier and accessible to everyone even out of any registered course. However, in general the program was really enjoyable as am overall.

Zoom Dual Delivery

Although we have always used zoom but this time it was different and very beneficial. The concept in this course was dual delivery. And that helped many people to attend more and not miss any lectures as much. For those who were not able to make it due to any circumstances, zoom was always there to save the day and attendance. First we thought that the concept of dual delivery was gonna be hectic and hard to abide by, but it all went so smoothly. Participants on zoom were interactive and responsive as much as ones on campus. Therefore I really enjoyed that concept and I recommend all classes to follow those steps for a cooperative learning experience.