I played this game three times at home. This game is about choosing decisions in your life, knowing that the financial conditions are not good in this life, so every choice taken affects my financial capital and thus affects my physical and psychological health. One of the things that caught my attention and attracted me a lot in this game It gives us very close scenarios of what happens to some people in real life like registering a car or buying medical drugs and this makes me always think about helping people who do not have the financial ability to squander freely because people with poor capital are considered to have few choices in life and they have no right to other choices Because they won’t know how to pay for these options. I lost several times for several different reasons, but in the end, the reason was that I ran out of money, and this reflects the reality of some people’s helplessness. We must help them and have mercy on them a little and not stress their lives.

2.BBC Syrian Refugees:

This game affected me because I always put myself in the place of others and feel what they feel and this game I liked a lot because I put myself in the place of refugees and realized the suffering they are going through because they are always in the process of escaping and all the steps they take are accompanied by dangers. When I played the game I felt that I was under constant psychological pressure Making decisions was difficult. I learned from the game to empathize more and more with the refugees when I meet them because they are forced to stay here, but I should also be happy that they found a safe place, which is my country.

3.Depression Quest:

This game is considered the most difficult of them because it requires a lot of effort and a lot of reading, unlike other games. I tried to put myself in the place of depressed people in the game, and this is not a difficult thing, because I was exposed to depression in a period in my life, and it was a long period, not a short period. I skipped many scenarios in the game. I do not know if this is because I have been exposed to it before or not, but I liked the options available and the options available, but the depressed person does not have the right to choose them.

4.Sleep-deprived mom game

I know that my choice of this game is strange because it is impossible to become a mother, but I loved the idea of ​​putting myself in the place of mothers and this game helped me see the many sacrifices that mothers make for us. To sleep and this proves that mothers give up the things they love and enjoy in exchange for the comfort of their children, and this makes them lose a part of themselves. mother for them.

5.Losing a Parent

My biggest fear in life is losing any of my parents, and not spending enough quality time with them. The game made me sympathize so much with the developer and anyone who’s gone through a similar experience since I could feel that she was very sincere in her writing and the situations she provided.

6.Domestic Abuse (Jana, 2017)

I liked this game because of the situations I have been exposed to in my life that are related in some way to the game, and this made me curious whether my answers would be different if I had not been exposed to these situations or not. I also liked the examples presented in the game because they were very useful and interesting. The game also directed my attention towards reasons why parents can belittle their children’s abusive situations which can be the fear of divorce of their daughter and the stigma and “shame” it brings on their family’s “honor” and reputation, which I believe is very problematic.

Overall Reflection 

In the end, I loved how it affected each game in a different way, and I also loved exploring different and new topics and situations, such as what I discovered from the game “spent” and “Domestic Abuse” because they provided real statistics and situations, which gave more credibility to the game. I also liked the way the games were presented. “Losing A Parent” and “Sleep-deprived” I think these two games piqued my interest because they also increased their credibility when these games were presented based on experience and life experiences, although I see that the “Depression Quest” is too long and that makes some people bored with the game But I loved it because it made me compare myself with myself and know the duration of my progress each year from the year before.