Digital literacies pathway

STEP 1 A & B: Digital confidence profile:

based on my profile I could use some improvement in the communication & collaborate part and also the find & use part.

STEP 2:Reflection on “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both”

I believe that it’s very important to understand both Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, however, digital literacies is more crucial because it’s the explanation of all the the purpose of using technologies and also the limits and restrictions. also reflecting on this article I believe that know one can really acquire digital skills without digital literacies and the same way around. digital literacies is a very important thing for everyone to understand especially students because it helps learners understand better and more clearly over time.


Tinkering path:

1.Design: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Description: Imagine your favorite company whether it be food, clothing, or any other company. Now imagine their enemy or competitor in the business. Your goal for this assignment is to take your favorite company’s trademark image or logo and reinterpret it in a way that reflects the design of its enemy.

Balenciaga x adidas Collaboration Collection, Release Details

2. Web: Create finsta instagram

Description: Create an alternate instagram page that depicts you as another character unlike yourself!

3. Visual: Imaging The Streets With Google Street View

Description:Find a street view image, post it and the location your blog. Describe why this moment is interesting/important to you.


location: 42 Rugdevelon Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

4. Design: Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character

Description:make an existing product or even a regular item and have a cartoon character do their best salesman impression.

5. Web: create your own room

Description:Using pinterest find rooms, furniture, colors etc

In this photos, we'll discuss the top home decor items that are low on cost and yet provide beautiful and stylish art. We'll also give you some tips on what to look for when buying home decor, as well as how to go aboutongevity and keeping the decor looking great.





6. Design: destination poster

Description:Using an editing software, edit a photo and crop to an 11×17. Then add text for the location or something fun.


I chose the tinkering path because I felt like it’s the most fun one and it will also give me a chance to try new things. While doing all 6 assignments from different categories I really enjoyed it and it also gave me a chance to use many different apps and technologies in order to finish the assignments. it’s kind of obvious that I preferred the visual, design, and web categories in the assignments because I like designing things and also using different platforms and my creativity was also something new and and it was overall a nice experience. I believe that each assignment had it’s main objective and each one was a way to practice digital literacies.